Healthy Living Requires Small Gestures


In this modern age, everybody is striving to live a healthy life, to spend more time in the nature, to reduce pollution and get rid of toxins from the body. Some of us spend a lot for health each year, and not necessarily because they are ill, but because they want to prevent illness. One of the factors that may trigger illness is the body weight. Being overweight has become the nightmare of a big percentage of the population, especially in developed countries, where the living standards are high and refined foods are the basis of most people's diet. Millions of overweight persons try each year a wide range of weight loss models, like these weight loss top tips, or various weight loss products, going even to weight loss surgery, which is the ultimate step to turn an obese person into a normal one, thus allowing her to live a normal life.

There is even an International Society for Quality of Life Research, which has the mission to study the health-related quality of life with the help of measurement forms designed by specialists.

Healthy living is not that difficult, at least if you follow a few easy principles.

Principles of a Healthy Life

These are several tricks I know from a doctor:

1. When you eat apples, by peeling them you reduce the ingested pesticides levels with 90%. If you peel them off a very thin layer, all the vitamins will stay in the apple, because they lay in the layer immediately under the peel.

2. By removing brown areas on the apples' surface, you reduce the risk of getting a cancer.

3. If you wash the fridge twice a month, you prevent lots of bacteria from developing inside. There are bacteria like listeria which prefer cold and humid environments to multiply and grow. Frigdes are ideal for them, but they can get killed easily, with the help of some water and soap.

4. If you buy new pillows each year, you reduce the development of acarians inside them. Acarians need food to survive, and when you put your head and your face on your pillow, you offer them this food. In time, acarians grow and multiply a lot, so you'd end up by sleeping on a whole farm of such creatures.

5. If you maintain a constant weight over years, your organs won't be extra solicited. This is why you need to consider weight loss programs, diets or some workouts at the first signs of getting weight. It is always easier to get rid of 2-3 pounds than to try to lose 30 pounds over night. Besides, you'll have the advantage of not having to buy a whole new wardrobe each year.

6. If you try to lose weight, stay away from diet and fitness scams, and always consult a dietitian or a nutritionist. They can give you advice and they can make diets tailored for you, so your body won't be so stressed during those diets. In this way, you'll also be able to prevent gaining the weight back immediately after you stop your diet. Another viable option would be to try hypnosis for weight loss: I don't have personal experience with that, but I heard it can give excellent results.

7. This is not from the doctors, but from me: I've read somewhere that in life, we should never bother with the details. And they are all details...